Aphasia Speech Therapy

Aphasia Speech Therapy App helps to improve the Speech capabilities of an Aphasia patient..

This App helps to improvise and can not cure any disease. This is only an alternative method to practice. Please consider your speech therapist thoughts before installing this app.

Developer is not responsible for any side effects.

This App has all the required basic auditory and Vocal related pictures, voice assistant and one can enter the script and the assistant will help in repeating the same.

This App was tested 100% on Aphasia patients and have seen a gradual improvement in the speech and language of them.
As per the recommendation from the various speech pathologists, we are actually releasing this app to the public.

This version of app has the basic features, in another 1 month we are providing a feature which helps speech pathologists can give some assignments to the patients and that will be saved in the system after patient performed.

This App has dark colors, we intentionally kept dark colors as to grab more concentration of Aphasia patients. Too much of white background will kill the interest, so we didn’t prefer much white back ground.

This App has been developed based on taking the views of many Speech Therapist all over India, Thanks to one and all for helping us.

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